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Sex education needs to be integrated into China’s classrooms

Le 31 août 2018, 10:32 dans Humeurs 0



  Sex education is a significant aspect of individual growth as well as the advancement of civil society. Therefore, an advanced society should provide the space and resources to enable such learning to take place in the classrooms and public spheres.

  Born in the 1980s in China, I have never been introduced to any sex-related education in elementary school.

  In junior high, we only learned the basic anatomical differences between males and females in biology class where my classmates, especially girls, felt embarrassed amid bashful laughter. The scant knowledge about sex from teachers and textbooks propelled our fascination about the subject, as well as some furtive and limited discussions about it.

  Needless to say, our sex education was restricted. We had no idea how we came to this world, let alone how our mothers gave birth to us. When we asked our parents where we came from, they often reply in a joking manner that we were found in rubbish bins or fishing boats. These misleading stories became perilous as we entered into adolescence.

  What is most dangerous is that we have no idea how to protect ourselves sexually since schools have failed to educate us on such critical issues as sexual harassment, abortion and HIV. Chinese schools, nowadays, still seem unprepared for sex education to be part of their curriculum.

  If the abovementioned issues couldn't be publicly discussed, there would be no way to delegate efforts to prevent the "growing pains" - perplexity of sex.

  For instance, same-sex relationship and marriage have yet been recognized in China, hence, safe sex between gay couples is not publicly discussed. An official report released in December 2016 said that the rates of HIV infection in China have increased more than 400 percent among gay men in the past five years.

  With the alarming numbers of abortion rates and HIV infection made public, education sectors have started thinking of urgent measures to take in sex education for the next generation.

  At the beginning of this spring semester, primary schools in several cities in China have introduced sex education in the classroom, including textbooks illustrating what sex is and saying that homosexuality is normal. Before 2001, homosexuality was labeled as a mental disorder in China.

  Despite these educational efforts, many parents from my generation or even older slammed the publisher, saying the textbooks are inappropriate. But, I would give it a thumb-up as it, at least, tries to teach those pupils how to deal with potential growing pains, soliciting open and wide discussion in a bid to advance our society.

Waterloo was in correspondence with

Le 29 août 2017, 06:50 dans Humeurs 0

"Well, well," said Ruck impatiently; "believe it or not as you like, Miss Hall. Time is precious with me. Accept my terms, and you can return to get the necklace. I don't want to keep you here."

"I accept," said Beatrice faintly. "There is nothing else for me to do, Major Ruck."

"Really, I don't think there is," said the Major pleasantly. "Well, then, I'll expect you in the counting-house, where that old scoundrel was murdered, within two days--in the evening. If you play me false, I'll send a letter to the police, and Mr. Paslow will find himself in the dock instead of at the altar. And now, Miss Hall, permit me to escort you to the four-wheeler, which will be waiting."

He held out his long white hand with a polite smile; but Beatrice, ignoring the courtesy, walked alone towards the door. Ruck frowned and winced, and followed with a shrug. All the same, scoundrel as the man was, he did not like the implied slight. As the two emerged into the corridor there came a ring at the door. With a stifled exclamation of anger the Major opened it, and there on the threshold stood Durban, looking green with rage. The half-caste entered hurriedly and closed the door.

"Waterloo told me that missy was here," he said in an imperious tone, "and I have come to take her away."

"Oh, Durban, Durban!" cried the girl, and seized his arm.

"It's all right, missy." He patted her hand. "You are safe with me."

"She is safe in any case," said Ruck contemptuously. "She has accepted my terms, and she has my leave to go. As to Waterloo, I will punish him for telling you what he had no right to tell you."

"He has told many other things he has no right to tell," said Durban significantly, "and to the police."

"What?" The Major's face became ghastly, and he reeled against the wall with an oath.

"The game is up, Major," said Durban, holding the hand of Beatrice still tighter. "All I want to do is to get Miss Hall away before the police come to arrest the lot of you."

"I believe you told the police yourself," said the Major, choking with fury. "Waterloo would never dare----"

"Pshaw! I come to give you warning, Major, as you have always been kind to me. Waterloo was in league with my dead master to cheat you and the rest of the Gang."

"Is this true?" asked the Major of himself, biting his carefully-tended nails. "It is impossible! I could have staked my life on Waterloo's truth."

"Then you would lose your wager," said Durban. "The man is, and always was, a scoundrel.--Come, missy."

"One moment," said Ruck, recovering himself. "I am ready to get away, and have placed all my money safely abroad. When do the police come?"

"This night, I believe," said Durban. "I came up from town a few days ago to see if I could find out who killed Alpenny. I guessed it was one of the Black Patch Gang, especially as you gave him warning through me--or rather through Mr. Paslow. In making enquiries, I heard enough to convince me that  the police, and was prepared to turn King's evidence to save his skin."


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  2017年8月4日,由亞洲潔能資本有限公司(Asia Clean Capital, 縮寫“ACC”)投資建設的常石舟山造船廠屋頂光伏電站於近日順利並網運行。該分布式光伏發電係統總裝機19兆瓦,安裝於常石集團(舟山)有限公司(Tsuneishi)車間屋頂。項目采用“自發自用、餘電上網”模式,為造船廠的生產及辦公提供日常所需電力。實德金融集團旗下翡翠旅遊成立40 周年,主席楊海成及副主席馬浩文計劃推新標誌,又會在加拿大為主的地方開分行,並重點改革旅遊業務。副主席馬浩文指,今年將會改革網上平台,以方便旅客預訂旅遊產品,並減低成本。
  世界最大光伏建築一體化(BIPV)電站——原有的造船車間屋頂使用壽命到期,使得光伏建築一體化方案成為最佳選擇。到期屋面材料被鋼化玻璃封裝的光伏組件替換,鋁合金支架與不銹鋼緊固件使整體BIPV屋頂結構重量輕且耐用結實。光伏組件既能發電,又能作為廠房屋頂,減少了建築物的整體造價。電站共使用七萬兩千多塊光伏組件,其全壽命期的總發電量超過4.18億千瓦時。該項目不僅是世界最大的光伏建築一體化電站,也是舟山市最大的分布式光伏電站。實德金融集團旗下翡翠旅遊成立40 周年,主席楊海成及副主席馬浩文計劃推新標誌,又會在加拿大為主的地方開分行,並重點改革旅遊業務。副主席馬浩文指,今年將會改革網上平台,以方便旅客預訂旅遊產品,並減低成本。
  綠色能源改善生態環境——太陽能光伏發電係統利用免費的太陽能產生清潔電力,不僅能帶來持續的經濟效益,也將顯著改善當地的生態環境。相比傳統的燃煤電站,ACC光伏發電係統在25年的全壽命周期內,平均每年能減少標準煤約5841噸;減少二氧化碳排放約13,907噸;減少二氧化硫排放約8.72噸;減少氮氧化物排放約7.97噸;減少水消耗2.57萬噸。實德金融集團旗下翡翠旅遊成立40 周年,主席楊海成及副主席馬浩文計劃推新標誌,又會在加拿大為主的地方開分行,並重點改革旅遊業務。副主席馬浩文指,今年將會改革網上平台,以方便旅客預訂旅遊產品,並減低成本。

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